Monday, April 28, 2014

King's Day 2014

This is what I did on the very first King's Day (Koningsdag) shopping at IKEA while drinking Desperados...

Look of the day:
I seriously need to buy more orange colored pieces for my closet!!

It was probably the best idea I have had ever for King's Day activities, all the city centers were packed with people and that's probably the only time in the year when IKEA was this quite...we actually get to enjoy our shopping there without feel like sardines in a tin can. There were also no lines waiting at the counter for hot-dogs and ice-cream! It felt soooo relaxed, I never would have ever imagined having such a serene and peaceful time at IKEA! And no, that wasn't the Desperados talking. 

How did you spend your Koningsdag/nacht or weekend? 

Until next post!

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