Saturday, January 11, 2014

NYE via iPhone

I hate that now the holiday season is over...or maybe I just hate the fact that I have to snap back to reality...
Anyway, I had a wonderful Christmas and NYE, wish it could be this simple and sweet every year.

Usually we always spend NYE with a bunch of people, either families or friends, but this year we decided to celebrate with just the two of us in a "strange" city. By strange, I mean far away and deserted a place we both have never been before, in this case, it's Heerenveen.

Look of the day

There wasn't much to do in Heerenveen, except shopping. LOL
I love all the old buildings and brick roads in the city center, the "Crackstate" is so beautiful!

After hours of walking in the cold and some much needed shopping, we arrived at Hotel Heidehof.

We planned to go out for dinner or at least have a drink or two in the hotel bar, but I was we're too lazy, so that's ↷ what we did instead.

We also planned to go out and watch the fireworks at 12 o'clock, but of course we didn't do that either...

The morning after...
One bottle of whiskey and two glasses of champagne, 
I was so surprised I didn't have a hangover. (。´∀`)οΎ‰

After a very satisfying and greasy breakfast, I know 2014 will be the best year yet!

Cheers! ( ˘▽˘)っ

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