Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Last Month of the Year

I love winter. No matter if it's white, windy, wet or dry, I just love it. Not just because of all the beautiful wool jackets and fluffy sweaters, but also because of the sweet treats and savory snacks I get to enjoy during this holiday/celebration season.

In November, we celebrated our 8th date anniversary and 1st wedding anniversary. I baked a three-tier chocolate cake with lemon cream cheese frosting for the occasion. And had a quiet evening with just the two of us. I can't believe we're married for more than a year now!! The moment we first met feels like just yesterday!

Last weekend, we celebrated Sinterklaas with chocolate letters, speculaas (speculoos) cookies, cheesecake, erwtesoep (Dutch pea soup), pepernoten and of course tons of surprise gifts from the “Sint” (post here). This Saturday we'll be heading over to H's Grandma's for her 93rd Birthday Party. Her b-day dinner party has always been the biggest/most important event of the year, even more special than Christmas. On that day, the whole family (and it's not a small family!) will be gathered together in her house eating cakes, drinking wine and having delicious home-cooked dinner buffet. I always start to look forward to her birthday party every year around June...And after that, we'll have Christmas and New Year...oh my! As much as I feel bad for my weight, living without doing/eating what my heart desires upsets me even more. So rest in peace, diet. Oh, and December, please be good to me. :)

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