Sunday, September 22, 2013

Se7en Years In A Row

About a month ago, we celebrated H's birthday together for the 7th time! 
Oh man, life does fly!

Outfit and selfie of the day. ^‿^

Dinner at the biggest wok restaurant in Europe. After this I totally ruined my diet and gained 3 kilos ON TOP of what I've lost! I swear I'm not gonna have all-you-can-eat anymore for like at least half a year...

I made a vegetable themed cake for H because he is the most greenthumb person I know and he is crazy about vegetable gardening. I figured there is nothing more appropriate than a "veggie-garden cake", plus it's already autumn time, hence, it fits the season, and harvest theme also has a very good meaning to it.

『The making of the cake』, even the cutouts tasted soooo good I almost bursted into tears LOL

I'm still so surprised that I made all these teeny tiny cute little vegetables from scratch!!!
For the first time I've noticed fondant has a mat finish and marzipan is very glossy.

Since I made such an awesome cake from scratch, I kept the present to the minimum haha. FYI H looooved this shaving cream!!! He said it's the best he's ever used! So girls, here is another gift inspo for your hubbies/boyfies for the next holiday/bday. :D

Despite all our stupid arguments and differences during the years, I still love you to bits...

Let's keep dancing baby.


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