Friday, August 16, 2013

Life's Sweet - the Birthday of a Foodaholic

So, it was my birthday again...

August 13 has always been a very special day, not only cuz it's my birthday, but it's also my mom's. It has become even more special for me: 8 years ago on my birthday, I came to the Netherlands to finish my bachelor's degree and I never left...Just when you think it couldn't get any more special, well, guess again! This year, it also happened to be the Qixi Festival (七夕情人節/Chinese Valentine's' Day) ! If you're familiar with the Chinese Lunar Year system, you'd know how much of a happy coincidence this is.

I never really celebrated my birthdays ever since I left home, I always do something though such as a cake, cuz I need my birthday wishes and I believe as long as you don't blow a candle and eat your cake, you don't get to make a b-day wish...

Anyway, here is another of my "I don't really celebrate my birthdays" birthday.

In the Chinese and some other Asian countries' culture, every birthday has to start with noodle soup, or at least that's the most important eat of the day. Not just any noodle, it has to be Yi mein (伊麵) /Sau mein (壽麵/Longevity noodles). My grandmother always cooks the noodle with eggs and tomatoes for my birthdays for as long as I can remember, and now I've been cooking the same for myself for 7 years. It never tastes as good though. I told my grandma the first thing I'm gonna eat next time I come home is her egg-tomato-noodle soup LOL

Friday, August 2, 2013


My life in July via Instagram

Time flies, it's already August and the only thing that is growing is my size...
I need to seriously start paying more attention on getting things done!

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