Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wish List - Skin Care

It's mid-June, and I already know what I want this year for Christmas...
Wish List - Skin Care

La Mer - Crème de la Mer - Moisturizing Soft Cream, $180 / La Mer - Crème de la Mer - World Ocean Day, $470
 / Guerlain - Super Aqua - Eye Cream, $97 / Guerlain - Orchidée Impériale -, $460
 / Clarins - Ogen, lippen en hals - Sérum Super Lift Contour des Yeux..., $62

No way I'm gonna buy all those myself, unless I found a new job or win a lotto 
(it's so hard to suddenly have to live an one-paycheck-life), 
okay, maybe I will still buy the Clarins Super Lift Eye Serum myself...

What do you want this year for yourself (Christmas)?


  1. ooo great stuff! hahaha super prepared for xmas, im not quite as ready as you ;)


    ♥ Ellen
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