Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Week 25

Bird silhouette in our garden


The weather was fresh...

No matter how much I hate wet floors, rain does do wonders to the plants.

After a morning rain

Our lemon tree... Revived from the dead

Moroccan (spear)mint

Fresh herbs in our kitchen

First pumpkin in the garden
 We started to eat fresh and healthy: try not to store food in the fridge and not to use artificial stuff, etc.

stir fried rice with sweet pepper and bacon

Fresh baked coal fish


Pizza bread

Fav Saturday moment: beer + South Park

Sunday Walk/Jog
  I only managed to run twice this week due to the weather, but I'm proud of myself-
from no sports at all to feeling-something-is-missing if I can't keep my running schedule.
I know this running thing is probably one of my many phases, but this time, I hope it stays.

Mommy stork and her babies


View from under my umbrella

Sunday dinner
 This week's buys

H&M haul...
(from 3pm to 9:30pm...that's specific...)

vintage looking place mats, B.Duck (Xenos) and color-matching wordbook (Lidl):
a very thorough and covers-almost-everything wordbook, I'm gonna go get the French one this week.

Thanks for reading!
Bisous ❤

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