Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week 24

Gyros with sweet pepper and garlic

Not at all how I planned.

I planned to get back on track with my Diet, but we all know how that turned out:

I serve spaghettis in a bowl, like I do with salads, and yes, I eat spaghettis with chopsticks...
you can get the girl out of Asia, but you can never get the Asian out of the girl  y(^o^)y

Chicken Nuggets and NY Crispy from McDonalds, Fries from Kwalitaria

Curry zuurkool stampot w/ bacon, baked salmon w/parsley

dinner in bed...Falafel wrap from Deli2go

looks gross but tastes super good: watermelon and kiwi smoothie

Drive-ins are so evil...
you get fat by eating all the fast foods and you get even fatter by driving to get the fast foods...

weekly car wash, this time plus crystal wax - whatever that means
taken by Samsung Galaxy Note 2

running look of the week
I've been running for four days now!!! Even I'm surprised at myself!!!
I actually planned to run a bit more/longer, but because of my asthma and the catkins flying in the air, I only managed to maintain my old schedule.
Willow tree catkins...they are so beautiful but very annoying for the runners...
taken by Samsung Galaxy Note 2

"snowflakes" of the summer
taken by Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Sunday Funday

goofy around with Les French Fries LOL
That's all for the week 24!
See you next post! ;)

Bisous ♥

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