Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 23


the very first pumpkin in our garden!

And I’m not just talking about the weather here; everything was wonderful. Well, except for my diet, I know I said I would start being harsh on myself again two weeks ago but the truth is, I just don't seem to find my motivation and spirit. So after (birthday) parties, burger for breakfasts and fries for dinners, I’m now back to square one...

mac and...tomato. ran out of cheese to make cheese sauce, luckily we had enough tomatoes

couldn't finish both of them, but I ate the other one for brekie the next day

perfect dinner...

fav beer, fav chocolate chip's good...
But everything else was awesome. I enjoyed the good weather to the fullest, been outside everyday, went to Haven, Harderwijk (photo diary coming soon), and I even went running willingly for the first time of my life on Sunday morning!

in Haven, Harderwijk
pic made with Samsung Galaxy Note II

in Haven, Harderwijk
pic made with Samsung Galaxy Note II

in Haven, Harderwijk
broodje paling. it was so fresh and yummy I almost cried

Sunshine is like a drug, highly addictive and makes you do crazy things, but unlike most of the other “joys” in life, it’s not unhealthy, nor deadly, and it doesn't make you fat.

fatso running for the first time :D

Enjoy the sunshine/summer lovelies! (οΎ‰> ◇ <)οΎ‰♪


  1. gawsh, who need diets? ;) all this food looks to yummy for that nonsense!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

    1. haha thank you Ellen, indeed certain foods in life are so worth being fat for :D


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