Tuesday, June 11, 2013

『Share』Make the CUTEst Phone Screen in the World ♪

"CocoPPa is an app which enables you to make your favorite image as the "one-touch icon" and place the icon on the home screen. Create your very own cute and customized home screens using image submitted by creators and users. Fill your home screen with all of your favorite pictures."
when you launch the app, you will see this, you can choose from categories: app icons, home/lock screen wallpapers and stamps you can use in other apps, or save to your camera roll or to use in your emails.

The wallpapers are super cute as well.

I haven't tried any of the stamps yet.

When you scroll down till the end of the page of each categories, you can find the search box, which is pretty handy.

Once you find the icon you want for your app, click on it then you will go to the details page of the icon. Hit the 『Set p link』button.

Then you can find all kinds of links. For whatsapp, viber, instagram, etc. you can just use the first on the list: 『App Search』to find your app. For shortcuts of your specific contacts, you can choose 『Phone Call, E-mail, Message』.

For pre-installed apps, like text, safari, etc., you have to type in the link urls by yourself (a list with links are at the end of this post).

Take E-mails for example, click 『URL』 from the list shown in the pic above, type in the url links, then you will get to the confirmation page, name your icon and click 『OK』.

Click 『Yes』.

Create your icon (shortcut).

And voila...you are done!

I know it's not exactly the "real" app, it's actually just a shortcut, and it might not be the most practical home screen, but it's too cute to pass right?(‐^▽^‐)

I just love my new home screen so much, can't stop looking at it...are you gonna try it too?

URLs for some of the pre-installed iPhone apps (source):

According to Apple's spec, currently shortcuts cannot be created on "camera", "telephone","contacts" or "Settings" which are pre-installed in iPhone.

As for maps, musics, video, photos, message, mail and calendar you can create shortcut icons by entering the following URL in "URL/URL scheme".





※Create a new message

※Create a new Email


  1. Great post! I don't know we can do that in our iPhones it's soo cute <3

    1. Thanks for your comment Macarena! I didn't know we could do that either without jail-break, that's why when I saw this app I know I had to share :)

  2. omg! too cute!! i kinda want an iPhone now just for this cuteness! hahaha!

    Click me for my Blog!

    1. haha thanks libys! they have for android too, so you don't have to get an iPhone just for the cuteness :D


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