Friday, June 14, 2013

✔Review | Lush - Face and Body

After a wordy review on Lush hair products, here is a less wordy review on the face & body products from my last purchase.

Fresh Farmacy € 8,70/100g

Lush says:
First we start by making a chamomile and marigold infusion, for its skin cooling and calming properties, then we add pink calamine powder to create a thick clay.
I say:
I have combination skin type, and I breakout easy.

Fresh Farmacy removes everything, everything bad of course! Black heads, white heads, leaves skin a fresh and soft feeling. It doesn't dries out my skin either, all the anti-breakouts/deep cleansing facial washes tend to do that to my skin, so this is a huge plus for Fresh Farmacy! The soap really goes a long way with just a little bit, I bought 200g – exactly 3 1/2 “pastels”, I use it to wash my face twice a day and that 1/2 pastel lasted for almost 2 months.

Grease Lightning € 10,15/45g

Lush says:
This product goes on invisibly, whilst the ingredients set to work on your spot to help stop it in its tracks.The seaweed gel will make sure that the skin around your spot isn’t disrupted too much, so that when the spot starts to retreat, you won't be left with a damaged circle of dry skin.
I say:
It’s amazing, almost dries out and cures my spots overnight, I now have way less breakouts since I start using it. I use it all over my face after moisturizing serum and before moisturizer twice a day.

Sexy Peel € 5,75/100g and The Godmother € 4,75/100g

I use Sexy Peel once sometimes twice a week to give my body a good exfoliation and refreshment, or just because I miss the smell too much…it smells heavenly and makes my skin so soft like a baby.

I use The Godmother for my daily shower, it smells like bubblegum and fro-yo, I love the smell and everything else about it.

Ro’s Argan € 31,50/225g

Needless to say more: if a body conditionercan make even your hair ends happy, you can imagine what it can do for your body.

I don't wash off as suggested; I just put it on my wet body as the last step of my shower, massage in and dry myself with a towel. If you have really dry skin, you may need some extra touch-ups on your elbows, knees and heels.

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