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『Recap | Outfit Inspo』Turn of the Shoe - PLL

Photo cred: ABC Family
I was supposed to post this last Thursday but I got sidetracked...for like a week...
Did you guys enjoyed watching the second episode? Dumb question, of course you did ^ ^

Mona is acting like she is part of the group, which is weird,
cuz we all know she is smart enough to understand it's gonna take more than just a tour to her lair to earn the trust...

it's kinda sad though, to see Mona "can't sit with us", again.

I almost felt sorry for her when A tried to kill her.

Is Emily gonna get the spot in Stanford? Doubtful...A is definitely going to sabotage  it.
It won't be fun if one of the liars is leaving Rosewood.

Photo cred: ABC Family

Shana is such a bitch, I really DON'T like her.
Photo cred: ABC Family

Poor Spence, being the only one of the family who can't go to UPenn...I wonder what daddy and mommy would say...
but is the letter real?

I think Mona is either so not afraid of A, or she is working undercover,
just like how Toby and Spence did in the last season.

I can't believe Aria kissed Jake!!! I mean he is cute and all, but comon!!

I'm not rooting for Jakeria, not yet anyway, I'm still getting over Ezria...

I'm glad Toby told Spence about the RV.
The worse thing than making a deal with the devil is to keep your loved ones in the dark.

My heart breaks for you Toby...I hope he finds out soon what really happened to his mom.
I just hope she didn't kill herself because of Ali...

Creepy Tippi!!
 I could never even stand close to a bird like that, let alone share a room with it...

Photo cred: ABC Family

And of course A stole Tippi just soon enough before they make sure of the telephone number!
But wasn't it easier to steal Tippi from Mrs. D's porch than Spence's room (on the second story with a closed window...)?

I don't think Ms. M has anything to do with the murder of Wilden, but she is definitely hiding something,
something bigger/shadier than "yeah, I had it out with Wilden in the mud and ruined my fave Manolos".

I thought this was Tippi.

But I guess A has other plans for her...
Is A using Tippi to get info on Ali?
Is A actually Ali and misses her good ol' days with Tippi?
Is "board shorts" part of the A team, or is A also looking for him?

The rest of the outfits from episode 2

Shoes: Steve Madden
Tank: Diesel
Leggings: All Saints
Scarf: All Saints
Jacket: Free People
Source: ABC Family

Jacket: Top Shop
Tights: Top Shop
T-Shirt: Local Celebrity
Sneakers: Nike
Necklace: Diesel
Bag: Diesel
Source: ABC Family

I love Spencer, she is so pretty and smart and funny ^♥^

Until next episode...kisses. -N

Photo creds: 
Screen shots from PLL S4 Ep2


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