Sunday, June 30, 2013

『Recap | Outfit Inspo』Cat’s Cradle - PLL

In this episode…

  • Mona went AWOL for the entire episode.
  • Mrs. Fields was so angry with Emily in front the whole school after she found out Em took her pain medications. A saw the whole thing (of course) and called family service on Mrs. Fields.
  • Ella decided to go with Steve to Austria for “less than a year”, after a little push from Aria, she will def miss her mom but I think she is worried Ella will be the next on A’s mommy hit list, and she also wants Ella to be happy.

  • Aria had a movie-popcorn-at-home date with Jake and discovered Jake may not have as much things in common with her as Ezra, but it’s a good thing cuz apparently it’s "dull" if you have too much in common with your date.
  • Caleb is so sweet looking out for Hanna and Ms. M. (I love this jacket BTW)

  • Ms. M is looking guiltier and guiltier: lying about attending the show in NY, meeting up with Mr. M in Rosewood and asking for money and then vanished and probably stole Mr. M’s gun!?
  • Toby's mom didn't kill herself. (no shockers there...)

  • Finally we get to know why there are “faces” of Ali’s everywhere and where they were made! That creepy face-maker also made a copy of Em’s face in exchange of info about Ali.

  • Melissa is back and was brought to the station for questioning over Wilden’s murder, and had her face made too by the same guy.

I can’t wait to know…
  • Where was Mona?
  • Is Steve a good guy or a psycho? You know, the whole “what seems too good to be true it probably is” thing?
  • What’s up with Jake? Do you also think he is weird - like always has these weird expressions on his face, or is it just me?
  • What did you do, Ms. M?! What’s up with all the lies and what do you want the money for? Trying to pay off Wilden but didn’t work out so you stole a gun and shot him instead?
  • Is Mr. M telling the truth? Or maybe he is the one killed Wilden, and Ms. M knows it and is trying to cover for him…
  • Why did that guy make Melissa’s face? Did she follow Ali or the other way around or they went together?
  • What’s gonna happen with Em’s face? Is it really just gonna be used as the new Medussa or is A gonna be wearing Emily to prom…
  • Is there really an interview or it’s another “pretend” of Melissa’s.
  • Who killed Toby's mom? Does A have anything to do with it?
  • What’s gonna happen to Mrs. Fields?

  • What's A gonna do with Em’s scan result?


Shoes: Charles David
Dress: Free People
Jacket: Gibson

Bra: American Apparel
Blouse: “Blessed are the Meek”
Skirt: Rachel Roy
Shoes: Aldo


Sometimes the truth is ugly and it always hurts, 
but aren't you just dying to find it out?
I'll be watching...

Photo creds: 
Screen shots from PLL S4 Ep3


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