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『Recap | Outfit Inspo』A is for A-L-I-V-E - PLL

These are quite some funeral dresses!!!
photo cred: ABC Family

I’m so happy Pretty Little Liars has finally returned!!! Just finished watching the premiere. It was pretty intense, several mysteries were finally solved but of course more questions were brought to the table.

Solved Mysteries

✔Okay, pig in the trunk! Even though I read the spoiler before I watched the premiere but still!! Some ppl say it's a hint that Page is gonna be the next to die cause Ali's nickname for her was Pigskin.

Page got hot! And skinny! I hope she is not A's next vic...Em is finally happy again!
✔Mona was the one put Wilden’s car in Hanna’s garage. (no surprise there)

✔Apparently Jenna knows everyone!! Shana’s in love with Jenna, they are both afraid of Melissa, and Wilden was Jenna’s “friend”.

✔CeCe came to Radley to visit Mona but because of the old meds, Mona doesn't remember what they talked about and thought CeCe was Ali.

✔Lucas gave Emily that massage while Mona was busy horse riding with Hanna and Kate

✔There were two Queens of Hearts at the Halloween, one is Wilden, and the other one according to Mona, is Melissa

✔Finally we know what the liars’ favorite coffees all are

Em: Americano, one pink / Aria: Dry soy cap
Spence: Super-sized drip with three sugars / Han: Skinny vanilla

New/Remaining Questions

✖Who got Wilden’s car out of the lake?

✖If Mona didn't push Ian off of the bell tower, who did?

✖Who was the other Queen of Hearts?

✖Is Mona now one of the liars?

photo cred: ABC Family
✖Is Mona telling the truth about Melissa? Or she knew A is gonna erase everything right before the "truth" was revealed?

✖What does Jenna know? Why (who) is she so afraid (of)? Or was she just acting...

photo cred: ABC Family
✖Is Ezria really over?

✖Why is A targeting Ms. M?

✖What’s wrong with Mrs. D? Why was she so creepy and sort of acting/talking like Ali?

✖Were Toby and Ali involved? I mean they almost kissed! But later Toby sort of turned Ali down… Was that the reason she hated him and Jenna so much? Was Toby actually the “older boy” Ali referred to, not Ian?!

✖What happened to Toby’s mom? Did Toby’s father and/or Jenna’s mother poisoned/killed her?

poor Toby...
✖Who was the woman dressed like the classy Victorian-angle-of-death? We know it can’t be Jenna nor Mona, my money is on Melissa.

photo cred: ABC Family
photo cred: ABC Family
✖There is a new cop in town, Officer Holbrook, is it real that “we are the good guys. Just here to find out the truth”? Or is he the new creepy cop? Well, at least he is cuter than Wilden and Reynolds.

✖At the end of the episode, the mystery woman took off her veil, and half of that mask was burned, was she the “A” who burned down the cabin and “saved” everyone from the fire?

The Rest of the Outfits

can't see clearly from the screenshot, but ABC Family is kind enough to give us all the details on the outfit
Jeans: Bebe 
Sweater: Viva Vena
Boots: Charles David
cred: ABC Family

Dress: TopShop
Shoes: Aldo
Earrings: TopShop
Belt: BCBG Max Azria

Beret: Kangol
cred: ABC Family

I can’t wait till next week!!!

P.S. I really hope Mona is not working for the A Team now…She and Hanna are so funny together! They always make me miss high school…

the look on Spence's face LOL

Oh and BTW, when I was searching the web for pix, I came across this personality test.

photo cred: buddyTV

I guess I could settle for being Aria. But Spence, you're always my favorite.


- N

Which liar are you and who is your favorite?

Photo creds:
Screenshots from PLL S4 Season Premiere


  1. ahhhhh omg!!! it was such a good episode! i cant wait for the next one!!!


    ♥ Ellen
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    1. thank you Ellen for the comment!!! I'm glad I found another PLL fan :D
      I'm so addicted I watched it twice...xo


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