Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 21

So , this week was…


I spend most of my time thinking instead of doing, I also spend most of my doing time feeding the gooses reside in front of my house…

I lost my mojo of dieting, fell right of the Dukan wagon and regained 1 kilos…

my last Dukan Day before I fell off the wagon

feeding gooses is the new yoga, totally calm all your shits down
came across this agenda by Andy Torres, she is one of the first bloggers I started to follow 5 years ago.
claim to be the most fresh patat in Holland, dunno if it's really that fresh but it's so damn delicious!!!

patat speciaal - my all time fave...
I'll never stop eating patat, ever! I can live without it during my diet but not for the rest of my life, dunno why, just so addicted to it :'(
babysitting little J, the cutest nephew
finishing this entry with a lame selfie ;D
(can't believe I'm wearing a faux fur scarf at the end of May!!)

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