Friday, May 10, 2013

Trip Home - FOOD (pic heavy)

first meal after I arrived home, my all time fav: cold rice noodle with eel stew

I was really surprised to see some "Dutchie" stuff at the supermarket in Kunming

introducing: (drum-rolls) the bread machine of the century!!! 

not only can it make sweet and savory bread, sponge cake, plain dough, and all the other usual stuff, -

it can also make RICE CAKE!!! my second FAV!!!

self made rice cake with peanut butter + chili wet tofu sauce - super yummy combo!
100 times better than peanut butter + sambal on the bread.

self made walnut butter bread + Nutella

Gouda cheese bread + pesto

fresh from Thailand!! Tamarind!!

fresh from XiShuangBanNa!!! barbequed fish and chicken

fresh from the Netherlands!! my fav drink: beerenberger, AKA the Dutch Gin
surprisingly it goes really great with Chinese food!

Fancy "instant" coffee, fresh beans, delicious, quick and easy, most importantly, you can make the "instant" coffee the old fashioned way

noodle with chilli sauce and tofu flower



our fav Cantonese Restaurant

beef chau hor fun

Cantonese roast duck

HongKongese Soup Dumplings

spinach Gow Gee

Lo Bak Goh

Spring Rolls

Lettuce in oyster sauce

Siew Mai

Har Gau

Cantonese Roast Duck

Egg Custard Bun

another fav restaurant

sowthistle and tomato soup

Traditional Yunnanese steamed Ham with sour veggies and buns

stir fried potatoes and pumpkins

sauteed shrimp with egg white

lamb dumplings

sweet corn juice

steamed Turbot

steamed scallop with garlic and Chinese Vermicelli

spicy BaoJiang tofu

stir fried lotus roots

baked BaoJiang tofu stuffed with spicy heartleaf salad

sometimes we drive all the way there (half an hour) just to have lunch :D

stir fried potatoes and ham with spicy black bean sauce

spicy Baojiang tofu

fav place to dine in Chengjiang

BBQ and dinner buffet

breakfast buffet

my third fav: steamed rice roll beef soup with sour veggies

cereal with soy milk + Chinese churro

Lunch: Thai hot pot 

one spicy tom yum pot, one coconut chicken soup pot

you can make your own dip sauce combo at this table

aren't they delicious and BEAUTIFUL creatures?

a small food joint in YuXi, we were taken there by a local

super fresh and yummy num-nums


homemade rice soup with spicy Macrolepiota Albuminosa Mushrooms
- almost as healing as chicken soup!

fried peameal curd

I made macaroni with tomato sauce for my family. my grandparents and my parents all loved it! except it's a bit too "greasy" and contains too much carbs...LOL that's probably why Chinese ppl are so skinny even though they eat throughout the day!! 

spicy and savory peameal soup with Mahua (Fried Dough Twist)

steamed Yunnanese Goat Cheese with Yunnanese Ham

baked fish - I forgot the name, I think it's cod

self made yogurt

served with raw honey

Chinese cabbage soup with stuffed fish meatballs

Sauteed kidney beans with Yunnanese Ham

stir fried tofu with tomato

fried cod with batter

fried broad beans and Yunnanese Ham with rice, served with smoked Yunnanese yak jerky

spicy cold peameal curd

rice noodle with sour veggies in chicken soup

Chinese cabbage soup with stuffed fish meatballs and dough slices

spicy steamed stinky tofu

Chinese cabbage soup with Zhaotong pasted tofu meatballs

broccoli simmered in abalone juice

sauteed shrimp with egg white


stir fried potatoes with spicy black beans

Chinese foie gras (goose liver)

egg custard bun with soy milk

lamb dumplings

shrimp wonton soup - my last meal before I went to the airport


okay, now I'm finishing off this long entry with two afternoon snacks I had with my folks at Pizza Hut and Starbucks.

snack bites @ Pizza Hut

coffee/tea time @ Starbucks with cheese cake and green tea sponge cake roll

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