Thursday, May 23, 2013

『Throw Back Thursday』My DIY Town Hall Wedding

November 26, 2012, it was the best of times. H and I finally got hitched! I know it might not seem like such a big deal, but to us, its a very BIG deal! We were both not the marrying kind, even having a tiny bit commitment issues to be honest. We both believed as long as you love each other, you dont need to put a ring on it; if you don't love each other any more, then even holy matrimony wont save your relationship. So when H bought me a promise-to-be-together-till-the-end-of-time ring with a tiny diamond on it with his first salary back in 2008, we were both convinced that that would be the most cliché, tacky and close-to-marriage thing wed ever do.

Dont remember exactly why we decided to finally tie the knot, I remember one day we were in bed watching some movies and eating onion rings, and I think there were ppl in that movie proposing or something, and I said, that would be the lamest thing ever if you propose to me kneeling down. H said how should I do it then? I said, while putting an onion ring on his left ring finger, "will you be my lousy wife and live a lousy life and still dont think its lousy?" We both laughed so hard. Then H paused and said, "you wanna get married?" I said, "seriously?" He said "yes". And I said, "hmm, okay". And then three months later, we are married.

A lot of friends have asked me whether married life is any different, I dunno, its exactly the same, I mean we still call each other boyfriend and girlfriend and never get use to wearing the wedding ring, but something has changed, not quite sure whatI guess its a sort of security I dont even know I wanted at the first place. Ive always felt safe when Im with H, but now I feel like Im stronger and safer, I know its weirda happy, awesome weird.

I never planned my wedding ever, I never even wanted to get married ever since I was a kid, and Im a total control freak so its either my way or no way. I rejected all the help from family and friends, I even refuse to get my wedding cake at the bakery, because I want my dream cake! And no one can make my dream cakes exactly the way I wanted, except me. So I did everything by myself, from the invitations to the cakes, from my makeup to the wedding clothesits tiring, all the choices we have to make, but its also very true that half the fun is to plan the plan.

Oh, and, this is not our official wedding ceremony, yet, its just the ceremony when we sign to be husband and wife and get our marriage license. I dunno if there ever gonna be a real wedding ceremony, but Im not gonna say never on this one. ;)

the E-invitation front and back

the E-invitation

Ring "pillow"

the wedding ring

wedding rings + the "promise" ring

the cakes I made for our wedding brunch. I couldn't decide between western theme or oriental theme, so I made both

the western theme

the oriental theme. the word means double happiness

I made those cootie catchers as our wedding program 

for the grownups, there're small things about us inside, like when was our first kiss, when was our first date, how we met, etc.

for the kids, there're characters of bumba and angry birds inside, including coloring pages

plan of the day

H waiting for me downstairs at home

me, late, again, as always...even on my wedding day

outside the town hall

walking in now
love the bouquet my friend made for me, I didn't even know I was gonna have one =D


more waiting...

finally!! we were sitting!!!
BTW I hate this chamber, so modern and ugly, why can't this one be like all the other old European town hall chambers?!

I don't know about H but my mind was completely blank the whole time when I was sitting there...nervous much?

exchange the rings

we're married!!!

I hate the lighting in that chamber too! so yellowish totally didn't do our rings justice

first kiss as hubby and wifey

such a beautiful bouquet, my favorite color and flower

the "maker" of my bouquet ♥

we looked so confused...

group shot

I guess at least he loved my cootie catcher :D

arrived at the brunch place

it wasn't so much trouble deciding where the brunch place was gonna be, I fell in love the first moment I laid my eyes on their wedding chamber

that's actually how the town hall chamber should look like! seriously!!!

self made guest book

I don't remember where I got the trees, I just added two "love birds" on the branch

I think this was the most fun part haha

waiting to be fed

go through the menus with the cateress one last time

the cakes!!!!

when there is food there is no grace in me lol

presies time!!

Eat, Drink and be Married!

I'm so short...even with 10cm heels...

Despite I look slightly like shit, everything was perfect ♥

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