Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Oh NO!!!

Sephora is leaving Holland!! I heard about this a while ago, but thought it was just a rumor, but turns our it's true...Today I went to their store in Utrecht and all the shelves are almost cleaned out, I didn't get to buy ANY of the things I intended to, which is bad enough and then the BA told me they are leaving's so horrible...Where can I buy all my Benefit stuff now?!

After I came home, I checked their Dutch website and it's true (I guess I didn't really want to believe the BA)...

Sephora focust op internationale groei
Sephora zal per 1 juni 2013 de Nederlands markt verlaten. Tot in de loop van mei kunt u genieten van ons uitgebreide assortiment binnen de V&D bij onze vestigingen. Graag willen wij al onze klanten en relaties danken voor uw loyaliteit. Via deze pagina houden we u op de hoogte over de ontwikkelingen rond Sephora Nederland.U kunt blijven genieten van de artikelen van Sephora door deze te bestellen via
They say they have to focus on international growth, apparently that doesn't include Holland... I really have to buy everything now from their French site?! Seriously?!

After my company, H's former company and my MIL (mother in law)'s former company all declared bankruptcy right after each other, everywhere we go, often do we hear "my company is not doing well", "my friend's organization has filed for bankrupt", "my department is firing a lot of people, I'm so stressed out"... It's so depressing...people are losing their jobs and their favorite shops at the same time...take Free Record Shop for example, I bought all my The Sims games there, from The Sims 2 to The Sims they have filed for bankruptcy and god knows if there is gonna be a restart.

And the most depressing thing is, Sephora and Free Record Shop are probably having the best sales ever now cuz almost everything is on huge discounts. Last weekend one FRS store near us was packed with happy people with their great deal purchases. I mean, we all want free/cheap stuff, but common...we are like vouchers sometimes, circling around waiting for someone or something to drop dead so we can all dive for the easy preys.


  1. Haha I realy love the images! they are so funny!
    But I have some good news for you... In barcelona there sre still many Sephora shops, so now you have a good excuse to visit the city ^_^

    1. haha thank you dear!!! I've always wanted to go to Spain (Barcelona) especially since I'm still wearing my uggs and a sweater at this time of the year :((
      will definitely make Barcelona one of my go-to places for my next holiday ^·^


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