Thursday, May 30, 2013

『Inspiration』Outfits·Emma Decody from Bates Motel

I just finished watching the season finale of Bates Motel last night, I know, I'm slow. I'm following way too many series and am currently re-watching Supernatural from season 1, so I only had time for the Bates last night.

A lot of things happened in the last episode, people died. I can't say I was surprised when Norman blacked out and throat-cut Miss Watson, I was thinking: finally! – Not that I want Miss Watson to die…it’s just we all sort of see it coming ever since Norman got that “book” and was fantasizing about mimicking what’s on that book with Miss Watson. The whole time I was wondering when she is going to be Norman's second victim…it’s like waiting for the other shoe to drop…

When sheriff Romero shot Abernathy I was surprised though, I was suspecting that Romero was dirty, I’m glad I was wrong, I like Nestor a lot since Lost and I really don't want him to be a bad guy. LOL

Anyway, what I want to post is actually about the outfits, I fancy all the clothes everyone was wearing, especially Emma Decody, I looooove her!!! And ALL her outfits. I mean isn't her dress for the dance just to die for!? They look so cute together...

I don't know what Norman sees in Bradley, okay, she is kinda hot, but Emma is so much prettier, better dressed, nicer and smarter.

Recaps of (almost) all the outfits Emma wore for season 1.

 I can't wait for the season 2 to air, I don't wanna wait until 2014 L
photos source: A&E

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