Sunday, May 19, 2013

How to Save Yourselves after a Big Meal (Binge) + MENUs for the 3rd Week - UPDATED 20 MAY

This is what I had for my celebration meal on Day 18, plus a burger and some roasted almonds...which resulted in gaining more than 1 kilos overnight...and that's not all I did...I also had the leftover pizza for lunch the next day...I know, I'm bad news, ppl who lacks discipline such as myself, should NEVER be allowed of any celebration meal whatsoever!! We should only be allowed one teaspoon of light peanut butter as an entire celebration meal!

But! Luckily I have this amazing PuEr tea called TuoCha, which is grown and picked in the mountains of Yunnan -my hometown! I lost almost 1 kilo by just eating pizza and drink tea the next day!!!

If you're familiar with tea, you should know PuEr tea, it's the IT tea in health! Not only does it keep you ZEN and calm, lowers your cholesterol, speeds up your metabolism and burns more fat for you, it also DOESN'T make you all so hyped and excited like all the green teas do, which means you can drink abundantly even at night! 

It's also super delicious! - Normally PuEr teas are NOT delicious! BUT this one is!!! It also comes with several flavors: Ginseng, Lotus, Rose, Jasmine, etc.! I wish my friends back home told me about this earlier! (I mean for god's sake it's been like forever -before Christ to be more accurate, since PuEr tea was produced and introduced in China! -No wonder all the Chinese/Japanese are so skinny!!) Then I wouldn't gain that much weight and become fat TO BEGIN WITH!!!

If you are in France, Australia, England, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Ireland, Finland, Greece and Turkey, then you are in luck! You can find TuoCha PuEr teas in your supermarkets and healthy/nature stores! Especially in France, TuoCha is quite big over there, even had researches done by pros and everything! Try them out! Drink like you would with other tea, even better, drink like you would with water! you will feel lighter in an hour or so after consuming! 

I will tell you more about the wonder-working PuEr tea later in a separate entry.

Lastly, here are the MENUS for my Day 13 - Day 20:

Day 13

bfast: 1 boiled egg, 4 lean turkey rolls, 2 skinny red tea lattes, 1 self made soy milk
lunch: skim yogurt
dinner: mussels, coalfish, skim French kwark

Day 14

52.7kg -should seriously stop eating my heart out...
bfast: 2 skinny red tea lattes, 1 self made soy milk, 1 oat bran bread, 2 lean beef burgers, baked sweet pepper and mushrooms
lunch: French kwark
dinner: paprika soup, 2 lean beef burgers

Day 15

bfast: 1 Dukan microwave bread, 1 microwave egg, 1 skinny chai latte, 1 self made soy milk
lunch: konjac noodle, baked tofu, shrimps and coalfish, self made 2% chocolate fro-yo
dinner: skim yogurt

Day 16

bfast: 1 oat bran bread, 1 laughing cow cheese, 1 microwave egg, 2 skinny chai lattes, 1 self made soy milk
lunch: tuna pizza slices, self made 2% fat chocolate fro-yo
dinner: skim yogurt

Day 17

bfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 skinny chai lattes w/ sweetener, 1 self made soy milk, 1 oat bran bread + laughing cow cheese
snack: 1 self made reduced fat chocolate milk, skim yogurt
lunch: baked salmon and coalfish
afternoon: skim French kwark
dinner: skim yogurt

Day 18

bfast: 2 skinny chai lattes, 1 self made soy milk, 1 hard boiled egg, 1 oat bran bread, 1 laughing cow cheese
lunch: tuna w/ baked veggies
dinner: celebration meal

Day 19

bfast: 1 self made soy milk, 1 microwave egg, 1 oat bran bread
lunch: leftover pizza
dinner: 2 skinny decaf lattes

Day 20

bfast: 2 skinny lattes, 1 hard boiled egg, 1 oat bran bread, 1 laughing cow cheese
lunch: 1 cola light, 2 baked coalfish, 1/2 skim French kwark
dinner: skim yogurt, 1 skinny chai latte

I bet we’ll be ready for summer real soon!!! ;D

Edit 20 May:
I reached my TRUE WEIGHT today! I've been on a plateau for so long! (that's also one of the reasons why I couldn't wait to have that damn celebration meal!) turns out all I need is just PuEr Tea! :> 

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