Tuesday, May 14, 2013


a looong overdue post...my February via iPhone

vegan banana berry pancakes (homemade)

T-bone soup (homemade)

T-bone beef soup ramen (homemade)

red bean paste Tangyuan/sweet sticky rice ball (homemade)

tenderloin steak with fried rice and veggies (homemade)

cold noodle with spinach (homemade)

Chinese takeout

left→ right: omelet w/ baked bok choy,  tom yum rame, mac and cheese, macaroni in tomato sauce (homemade)

tom yum rice noodle soup (homemade)

baked salmon w/ broccoli (homemade)

fish burger w/beet root (homemade)

tuna salad (Albert Heijn)

biggest cookie I've ever seen (Jumbo)

carrot cake (Jumbo)

fish fingers w/ stampot (homemade)

Chinese takeout

Sesame seed paste sticky rice balls (Amazing Oriental)

peanut paste sticky tricky balls (Amazing Oriental)

jellybeans (Jumbo)

not-so-healthy grocery @ Jumbo

it's Chinese NYE!

and it always calls for hotpot! (homemade)

one day wandering in Vianen

Family dinner

nephew little J. cutest baby ever!!!

beautiful snow flakes

one afternoon out @ the bookstores

getting ready for my Kunming trip

goodbye afternoon tea w/ little J before I hit the road

goodbye dinner w/ MIL (takeout)

guess what? even birds eat fancy "cakes" now =D

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