Monday, May 13, 2013

Dukan Diet Recipe: Microwave Bread + Microwave Egg

for the bread

makes: 2 (Cruise Phase)

what you need
4 tbsp oat bran
4 tbsp skim yogurt/kwark
2 tsp baking powder

what you do
- mix everything well
- put the mixture in a microwave friendly container

- microwave on high for 4 mins
- let it cool and then remove from the container

it actually looks like bread!!! 

I also tried the original recipe from She is red, it turned out more like a sponge cake and tastes like sugarless sponge cake too LOL. I think it's the egg that made it cakey.

anyway, for the egg, just simply crack an egg into a microwave friendly bowl, put in the microwave at high for 50 seconds.


  1. hmmm i was going to try this with the eggs like in the other recipe but now am anxious as to which one will be better. i guess ill try both!! yours look so tasty with the egg. perfect egg sandwhich!!!! how much can we have in one day on attack???

    1. sorry for the late reply...dunno if you will still read...technically you can have as many eggs as you want! but for health reasons I'd say 5 eggs max per week. unless you ditch the yolks. :)


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