Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dukan Diet Day 6 + MENUS for the Attack Phase

I have finished the Attack Phase! Today I'm off to the Cruise Phase! The AP was not as hard as I expected-I didn't even crave for carbs that much...on the other hand I also didn't lose as much weight as I expected either...

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I expected 3 kilos but I only lost 2.1, not that I'm complaining, any gram lost is progress! I just can't help but feel a little disappointed, but it's my own fault really, I did CHEAT on the 3rd day cuz i almost fainted (still dunno if it's cuz the flue or my body was really shocked by the PP diet), and I didn't included oat bran in my diet until Day 4, AND I know I can't really compare this diet with fasting can I.

Here are the MENUS for my 5-days-Attack-Phase:

Day 1

bfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 skinny latte, 1 self-made soy milk (soy beans, Job's Tears/coixseed and goji berries)
3PM: skim yogurt, baked salmon
dinner: canned mackerels

Day 2

bfast: 1 skim yogurt, 2 skinny lattes, 1 hard boiled egg
lunch: 1 skim yogurt
dinner: baked tuna, 1 skim yogurt

Day 3

bfast: 1 skim yogurt + 50g oatmeal, 1 self made soy milk + Brinta Wake Up, 1 skinny latte
lunch: 1 skim yogurt
dinner: 1 canned sardines, 1/2 skim yogurt

Day 4

bfast: 1 skim yogurt, 1 self made soy milk, 1 skinny latte, 1 skim milk, 1 1/2tbs oat bran
lunch: 1 skim yogurt
dinner: tofu surimi loaf

Day 5

bfast: 1 Oat Bran Egg Pie, 1 self made soy milk, 1 skinny latte
lunch: tofu surimi loaf, skim Greek yogurt
dinner: baked salmon, skim Greek yogurt

P.S. I think I may never eat skim Greek yogurt again! cuz the calories are like 20% more than in plain skim yogurt!!

Good luck Dukaners!!

source: 2013willbeyouryear

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