Friday, May 3, 2013

Cooking is Fun! Dinner Edition

Dinner 1

baked potatoes with bacons in chilli garlic sauce
caramelized bacons with sweet peppers
stir fried courgette with garlic 
scrambled eggs with tomatoes in sweet soy sauce
chicken soup
Dinner 2
scrambled eggs with peas and carrots
baked potatoes with bacons and onion in black bean sauce
stir fried lotus root with sweet peppers
soup with tomatoes and cucumbers
Dinner 3
tomato soup served with baguette
Dinner 4
veggie quiche
Dinner 5
spaghetti in tomato sauce
Dinner 6
vegan Shepherd's pie, hard boiled egg and stir fried beet roots

vegan Shepherd's pie
Dinner 7
stir fried noodles with chicken in chilli garlic and black bean sauce
Dinner 8
baked potatoes in herbs, celery salad and baked tuna
Dinner 9
stir fried potatoes with bacons in black bean garlic sauce
Dinner 9
tofu-beef  meatloaf in with chillih garlic sauce
Dinner 9
steamed eggs with tofu in light soy sauce, served with stir fried shrimps with sweet pepper in oyster sauce

Dinner 10
mashed potato with sour veggie and bacon served with maple syrup


  1. Wow,big compliment to your photos. They all look just amazing.

    1. thank you so much!!! you're too kind :-*


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